What is ECONPress?

First and foremost, ECONPress is an organization of students interested in economics. We do several things to promote this common interest:

  • Publish a journal twice a year featuring the best economic research of undergraduate students from across the nation.
  • Host a biannual conference where authors will have a chance to present their research to the economic community.
At Northeastern University, ECONPress also serves to engage the local community by:
  • Putting on lecture series.
  • Host informal conversations and meetings
  • Organize groups to undertake and assist with research through our research wing, ECONPress Intelligence


What is the purpose of ECONPress?

ECONPress provides a forum for the economic undergraduate community to engage in active discussion and debate about the topics, theories, and applications they’ve learned in the classroom. We hope to assist in the preparation of the next generation of economists by providing current undergraduate students a resource to experience and engage in a significant part of the professional research field. We believe that undergraduates can produce meaningful research and that the authors and the community at large benefits from a peer-reviewed journal. We hope to provide experience for authors and reviewers all while furthering the academic discipline.

How can I get involved?

You can submit a paper, attend events, and join ECONPress.

Other stuff

Library of Congress ISSN: ECONPress (Print) ISSN 2158-8864 ECONPress (Online) ISSN 2158-8872